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Between humans and gods, reality and myth, perfection and the end of everything: there stand the Nobilis.

Nobilis is a diceless RPG wherein each character has control over an elemental aspect of reality. They are drawn or forced into the struggle between Creation and the Not.

It’s not currently in print, for which I apologize:


Second Edition

Thanks to the generous assistance of Kari Tuurihalme, Rand Brittain, James Wallis, and Daniel Solis, the second edition is available in PDF form!

… note, however, that the second edition was laid out as an 11″x11″ book, which has prevented print-on-demand and makes it a somewhat awkward PDF.


Third Edition

At the time of this writing, the third edition is nearing the end of its distribution period.

I can’t take over sales myself; I don’t have rights to much of the art.


Fourth Edition

The fourth edition is pending; I want to field test some mechanical ideas first in Glitch before diving seriously into development.


Main RPG.Net Thread

RPG.Net Patreon Content Thread

TV Tropes Page

Fan-Created Wiki


Actual Play

The Cornucopia of Peculiarities – records of a number of Nobilis campaigns.

Mean Everything to Nothing – a three-story PbP game.

Between the Lights – a game running on Discord at the time of this post



A Series of Noble Titles – self-explanatory

Iolithae Septimian’s Twitter – her tweets update reality


Other Stuff

I Am Nobilis – a character concept generator.

Excrucian Name Generator (and, while we’re at it, a Gothic Name Generator)

A Handbook of Germanic Language – one of the things I poke at when trying to figure out Excrucian names/words

Fake Name Generator – for when you just don’t want an Excrucian.

Name Smasher – for when you want to make your own.

Random Word Generator – for when you want an Estate, instead.

A Different Kind of Random Word Generator – for when you have forgotten what kind of random word generator you were looking for.

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator – when you are worried about being attacked in your sleep by creatures from an alien universe where the golden ratio is different.