The Night-Bird’s Feather (Waiting for a Revision Pass)

Photo by Lennart Heim on Unsplash



“Night-bird, night-bird, fly to me;
“The world is wretched, cold and cruel,
“The gods they laugh, the priests are fools,
“And you alone have ne’er lied to me
“And you have offered solace; then:
“Cast this sorrow that I see
“Back to th’ primal dark again!”

The Night-Bird’s Feather is the story of Aprosinya Sosunova, a girl caught in the real world. When she was young, she’d stolen from the King of Evil. She’d saved a night-bird from the sun. She’d met her ancestress Valentina in her dreams, the Valentina, Valentina Grigorievna Sosunova, and she’d been cherished by her.

Now, though—

Now her dreams have been smashed against the shores of harsh reality and inexorable causality. Now she’s just this thing of meat and bone and hair.

Her eyes twitch in their sockets like two little fish.

Her muscles, they lie long against her bones.

There’s a class. Death’s daughter’s teaching it. And there’s some people that say this:

She can teach you how to live, when your heart is dead.

If that’s an accurate description of her class, I do not know. I guess it doesn’t have to be. People can say anything, after all.

Aprosinya Alexandrovna Sosunova signed up at once.

A ~170k word novel

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