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Sometime after the world drowned I found myself on one of the boats that go to Town.

I didn’t know yet that the world had fallen.

Being and nothingness were swallowed, both of them, by the tidal wave of the Outside, but I hadn’t noticed yet, because I’d been living in one of the places that got covered by it, and so I’d stopped existing in any kind of defined way for a little while.

Then one of the exploring boats found Suzhou, where I’d been living. It made Suzhou exist again, more or less. It stopped being a wild, chaotic delirium and became a place again… more or less.

I don’t think I was fully real again yet when I boarded.

I didn’t wake up, not all the way, until the boat crested the horizon of Big Lake and I saw the dockside settlement of Fortitude for the first time. Then it was like my heart woke up, and everything that had been black and white became color, and the textures of the world came back, and sound had richness and deepness once again.

It wasn’t because I’d been unreal, exactly.

It was part of it, I think, but only part of it. It was because… it was because as soon as I saw Fortitude I understood that work would be rewarded; that things had a beautiful simplicity; and that I had a home.

I guess that if you’re reading this then you are real. As I write this, you are mildly notional, of course. You can’t possibly be as real as the wood of the buildings, the depth of the air, the sounds of fish being sliced open and the smell of marlin cooking on a
limestone slab. You’re part of the diffuse potential of “you could be reading this.”

But by the time you actually see this I guess you must be someone real. You must be a real, physical person, in one of the reclaimed regions, and maybe not even knowing that the world was lost. You might not even realize that you’ve been cheated, that there could be—

That there was more.

So come. Come to a little place called Town, in the middle of nowhere, circled by its reborn sun. Come, at least in play, and maybe in person if you can stand giving up some of the modern luxuries, and feel what it’s like to really live.

There is so much to experience here. You could live.

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The Florilegium Divinus – Skills, Rituals, etc.

Friends of Reality – inspirational art, miscellany

If you have been left out, it’s either because I don’t know about your blog or when I checked it I couldn’t find original art, rules, setting, or play content. In a few cases, I really thought that there was some, so maybe it was just hidden behind all the reblogs; point me at it and I will probably eventually add you to the list. (Also, please do not take that very limited guarantee as discouragement; my tumblr universe is small, my knowledge of where people are is constrained, and I’d love links to what’s out there.)

Fan Created Campaigns

From Way Back When – a one-shot set in 1960s America.

The Sun’s Court:ship – a Gothic campaign on a ship that’s en route to the sun.

The Eightfold Pathos – everyone is on Called Away

Monster Mash – a Techno campaign about monster battles

Masters of Evil: the Seven Sins of Lord Entropy – a fairy tale campaign about the Sins.

Axiom Seeds – an Adventure Fantasy in School and elsewhere.

Action Academy – a campaign about young superheroes

Journey to the Outside – an outline for epic adventure in the style of Journey to the West

Be Careful What You Wish For – Fairy Tale one-shot; a large number of Chuubos and Shokyous wake up on a mysterious island. (Very incomplete as of 8/13.)

Chuubo and the Fallen Constellations – a campaign seed

(in progress)

You may also wish to search for “Rarity’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Chapeaux,” which I have elected not to link to.

You may also wish to search for “A User’s Guide to the Apocalypse,” which I have elected not to link to.

Other Stuff

Concord – a fan-created setting.

How to Write Quests, How to Write Quest Sets, When the Quest You Want Doesn’t Exist – OJ’s suggestions here are, for clarity, not definitive, but they are wise.

An Action-Adventure Ritual for Pastoral Games – This Looks Neat

Magical Skill: Forging Beauty of Sea-Foam and Sand

A Set of Cheese-and-Rat-Focused Rules Explanations – I haven’t fully vetted it, but I did some spot checks and this seems at least basically accurate and possibly entirely on point.

Chuubo’s Marvelous Fish-Granting Engine – self-explanatory

You may also wish to search for “Conan’s Marvelous Tower of the Elephant,” which I have elected not to link to.

Fake Name Generator – for when you need a name.

Name Smasher – for when you want to make your own.

Random Word Generator – for when you have forgotten what names are.

A Different Kind of Random Word Generator – for when you have forgotten what kind of random word generator you were looking for.

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