The Book of Golden Hours (Pending)

The Book of Golden Hours is a thing.

It is a marvelous thing. It is a comprehensive thing. It is arguably a useful thing. It was certainly a lot of work.

Imagine breaking down character arcs into eight extremely rough paradigms:

  • dealing with the forbidden/sketchy;
  • finding, achieving, or living up to a social role;
  • being called away from oneself;
  • something abstract or narrative infects the real;
  • training hard;
  • living/experiencing/slice-of-life;
  • experiencing sorrow, grief, death, chaos, melancholy, and such; and
  • putting faith in a power that is beyond one; that one does not comprehend.


Imagine dividing them further into those life paths that turn out to be extremely harmonious and well-fit to the world, those that are at odds with the world, and those that are neither.

Consider that the only real limit on who you might wind up playing in the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is that the game is kind of hard-coded with a certain progressive slant, a certain kindness of the world—that it’s a game with a notionally specific setting and some notionally specific genres, but in the end, it can pretty much support anyone whose story could be told in a somewhat optimistic YA book.

Imagine trying to build power sets suiting those twenty-four paths that cover basically everyone that that covers.

That’s what the Book of Golden Hours tries to do.

It gets awfully close, at the price of being super crunchy.

Like, nine times out of ten, at least, if I figure out which of those character Arcs some fictional character ought to be on, I can find their power set.

It’s been a slow book to release because almost anything I work on sheds more light on it and helps me catch a few small things, which makes it easy to push it back one more step in the queue.

Also it’s hecka complex.

… but it’s nearing the start of the queue, I think, anyway.

A ~250k word RPG supplement for the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG.


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