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Between humans and gods, reality and myth, perfection and the end of everything: there stand the Nobilis.

Nobilis is a diceless RPG that gives each character control over an elemental aspect of reality and embroils them in a war between Creation and the Not.

It’s not currently in print, for which I apologize:

  • thanks to the generous assistance of Kari Tuurihalme, Rand Brittain, James Wallis, and Daniel Solis, the second edition is available in PDF form; note, however, that the second edition was laid out as an 11″x11″ book, which has prevented print-on-demand and makes it a somewhat awkward PDF.
  • the third edition is nearing the end of its distribution period at the time of this writing, and I can’t sell it myself because I don’t have rights to much of the art.
  • the fourth edition is pending; I want to field test some mechanical ideas first in Glitch before diving seriously into development.


Main RPG.Net Thread

RPG.Net Patreon Content Thread

TV Tropes Page

Fan-Created Wiki


Actual Play

The Cornucopia of Peculiarities – records of a number of Nobilis campaigns.

Mean Everything to Nothing – a 3rd edition campaign.



A Series of Noble Titles – self-explanatory

Iolithae Septimian’s Twitter – her tweets update reality


Other Stuff

I Am Nobilis – a character concept generator.

Excrucian Name Generator (and, while we’re at it, a Gothic Name Generator)

A Handbook of Germanic Language – one of the things I poke at when trying to figure out Excrucian names/words

Fake Name Generator – for when you just don’t want an Excrucian.

Name Smasher – for when you want to make your own.

Random Word Generator – for when you want an Estate, instead.

A Different Kind of Random Word Generator – for when you have forgotten what kind of random word generator you were looking for.

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator – when you are worried about being attacked in your sleep by creatures from an alien universe where the golden ratio is different.