In the Cattails is the World Forgiven

I’ve toyed for a long time with cattails as a symbol for Glitch, because they’re a kind of natural beauty, but they’re also a very particular kind of natural beauty:

They’re not like … the mountains. Not like the sea.

It’s just … simple.

The beauty of cattails, wind, the sound of water … it doesn’t consume you. It doesn’t even really ask that you pay attention to it.

It just draws you out of yourself.

If you have lost faith in the world, or never had it in the first place, then you will have no faith in mountains; in flowers; in the sunset, the starry sky, or even love.

But the wind? The cattails? The sound of water? The sounds of birds, but not, like, amazing birds, just, like, the regular ones?

How can you lose faith in those?

How can you not be there, in the moment, with them, and think that there is something in the world?

At one point I hand-drew a few logo ideas. You know: cattails, water, maybe shooting stars?

… and noticed kind of by accident when I was halfway through one of them that it could pretty easily contain the word “Glitch” in it.


[logo showing cattails and falling stars]

Make the stars the dot on the i. Make the water’s edge the circle of the g, the cross of the t, the body of the c, the rest of the h …

The only real problem with it was that that water line is weird.

I tried a lot of different fixes for that.

Like, maybe instead of a waterline, there’d be two different heights of grass—one height that goes along the top line, there, right? And one along the level of the h? I got so close to making that work with tones, but it never quite did.

Eventually I wound up with this as my best attempt:

[modernist logo]

It’s a pretty well hidden “Glitch,” and using two different cattails for the l doesn’t help with that at all. But I was kind of proud of the image anyway.

I mean, I’m not going to use it as my logo.

But still.

[modernist logo, with caption: "In the cattails is the world forgiven .."]


Minor Glitch Spoilers, 6/3/2019

Over on, today, I’ve admitted to the following, regarding Glitch:

  • that the protagonists’ curse is in fact using the same basic narrative ideas as the “Accursed” stuff in Chuubo’s (1, 2, 3)
    • … although the mechanics are likely to look more Nobilis-like
    • … and the cosmology is probably different from what you’d see in Chuubo’s, as well.
  • that I’m not really using the Nobilis concept of “full Excrucians” at a super-high power level and “Excrucian-shards” at a lower power level, although I made some continuity nods to keep old campaigns viable.


This will mean more to people who’ve been following my games; if you haven’t been, you can safely ignore both spoilers, since they, ultimately, just return readers closer to the state of innocence that newcomers to the setting occupy ^_^

Jenna Moran announces Glitch, a sequel to Nobilis: the Game of Sovereign Powers

PORTLAND, OR (May 31, 2019) – The author of the diceless RPG Nobilis has announced a sequel game, “Glitch: A Story of the Not.” Glitch is intended as a stylistic successor to Hogshead Publishing, Ltd.’s highly-regarded, award-winning 2002 edition of Nobilis, and is targeting a 2019 or 2020 release.

“Glitch: A Story of the Not” is a tabletop RPG about living in a broken world. Its protagonists came into that world to destroy it, to unmake it; to cleanse it all with an eldritch fire—only, in the end, they had to stop. Some of them do good work, now, instead. Others just do their best.

Glitch will use the basic Nobilis setting and a substantially updated version of the Nobilis rules engine (integrating improvements from the 2011 edition, curated elements from the author’s later projects, and a selection of new mechanical ideas). Play will focus on exploration and investigation. The book is estimated at 360 letter-sized pages.

Currently, the initial release of Glitch is expected to be through kickstarter; confirmation, further details, and a more precise schedule will be announced at a later date.

The Horizon Campaign (19)


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Let’s talk some more about the Horizon campaign(s)!


Today, let’s do the fourth!

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