Why buy my RPG, part 2: if you’ve liked, loved, or loathed my work before?

So, back in 2002, I had the absolutely ridonkulous, embarrassing good fortune to work with James Wallis to release a new edition of my RPG “Nobilis” through his company with layout by him and Carol Johnson, and it was beautiful. It was amazing. … not the game part, because I can’t judge that, but, like, the book itself. It was a work of art.

Today, with this project, I’m trying to honor that a bit. I’m trying to bring that style back, a bit? In a game that’s also—just a bit—a successor to or sequel to that game.

I think people who loved it will love Glitch.

I think people who didn’t love it, but liked its visual style, will love Glitch.

I think people who’ve loved some of my later work will probably love Glitch, although, that’s sadly trickier, because I also went back to my older style of writing, just to complete the picture.

… I think you’ll love it anyway.

If you, uh, hated Nobilis? or hate my work in general? then you probably want to buy, like, 20 copies, probably at a really high pledge level? and share them with a bunch of your friends? … before you ceremonially burn them or whatever. That’ll be extremely satisfying and it’ll free you from so many burdens and things that have been weighing you down, it’ll be amazing, it will let you let all of the poison out.

But other than that I can’t claim that you’ll enjoy it. That’d be like blowing your nose with a trout!

Support my kickstarter. Let’s make a miracle or two.

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