Why buy my RPG, part 1: … if you haven’t read my stuff before?

So, why buy my RPG?

So, my name is Jenna Moran. I’ve been writing professionally for about twenty years, with like blah blah blah this publication that publication, well-reviewed this, that, whatever?


If you’re not sure who I am, here’s why you want to buy Glitch, or maybe why you don’t want to buy Glitch. This is the thing that I want to give you.

What I want to give you is that moment when you dive into the water, and then there’s this rush, and then you lift your head back, blinking, above the surface. When the dirt of the world is just the dirt in your eyes, and you can finally rub them clean. When you stop and see something for the first time that you’ve been looking at without seeing it all along.

I want to give you courage. I want to make life bright.

I’m not saying that I’m any good at that. I’m not saying that RPGs are the right tool for that. Just, if you want to know what I’m trying to package up here? what genie I’m trying to put in the bottle here? it’s that.

Are you with me?

Here’s how it might work.

In playing Glitch, you have to accept that the world is wrong. The world of the game, I mean, presumably? And that’s a very intuitive, very easy thing to grasp. It’s an idea that you can hang everything on, easily, when you are pretending that you live in it.

That idea can be a firm support, a shelf to lean on.

Only … what does it even mean?

The deeper you drill, the less sense that it’s going to make, this idea that the world is wrong, and the more you’re going to have to explain the world to the world to understand it.

The world is wrong—which is nonsense, and obvious; and this conflict is the engine of the story of the game.

… and it’s exactly because the world of Glitch is wrong, because this is asserted, because this is indisputable, that you are free to understand that the world is beautiful.

Glitch will help you tell a story of how you matter, how who you are matters, even when, even if, you and the world have long since conspired together to say it doesn’t. Even, maybe even especially, because you aren’t playing yourself in that world at all.

For a lot of us, after all, that’d be a harder story to tell, to face telling, if it were really about ourselves.

That’s the kind of thing I mean, when I say that I’m trying to put that genie in that particular bottle; and with—if one can go by playtester responses—at least some small success.

Of course you can also play Glitch for fun; I’ve heard it can do that too.

Support my kickstarter. Let’s make a miracle or two.

2 thoughts on “Why buy my RPG, part 1: … if you haven’t read my stuff before?

  1. Is the Kickstarter active? I can’t find a link to it in any of the posts and it doesn’t come up in a search of Kickstarter. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for your interest! It’s not up quite yet, I just was nervous about submitting it for approval with the transcript links going to inaccessible pages. I’ll be sure to post when it starts (ETA 1/8).


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