What’s the deal with the art in these video previews?

The story behind the art of Glitch is like this.

The protagonists of this game come from beyond the world. Beyond … reality. And one of the signs of that is that when you go to look them in the eyes, you … miss.

You see night and falling stars instead.

So the art in the pre-release is public domain art, mostly portraiture, in black and white … with starfields replacing the eyes. Or at least, when you go to look at the eyes, you’re gonna see night and stars, instead.

I couldn’t get the stars to fall, not without making the art in this book four-dimensional? But you do see night and stars.

Ultimately I’m hoping to replace all that with bespoke art. That’ll depend on how the kickstarter does!

It’ll still be black and white art, though, and it’ll still have the starfields in a lot of the eyes.


All in all, I thought the art came out surprisingly well, but I’m still looking forward to replacing it.

You can see the replacement pieces now, if you look for them.

Just go out, some night when the stars are in the sky:

Go outside, and look up at the stars, and then … miss.

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