A Preview of Glitch

This is a preview of Glitch.

This is particularly a preview of the pre-release version of Glitch.

I’ve made versions with a couple different covers and like four different page backgrounds. This particular version is a recent proof with porcelain background.

I like it a lot but it’s a bit too severe.

I think I will probably go with glossy white paper for the print run, no texture at all … but it won’t need it because for some reason glossy black and white works with this font and style in ways that matte black and white doesn’t.

For the DriveThru?

I’m thinking about this porcelain, with, maybe, less of the stripe in the middle, less of the dirty corner; just, you know, toned down a bit, maybe shifted around.

The art in the preview is black and white public domain illustrations with modified eyes. There’s a whole other video about why, and what’s happening there. I think it came out really well.

All in all, it’s looking to be a 420-page book. This particular version is like 415 pages, plus there’s an index that’s not in yet. I had to wait for this set of proofs to come in, first, and then I got distracted by making these videos!

It could be 418 or 422. Maybe even more, but probably 420.

You would probably think, given that the book is basically laid out and it just needs an index and some decisions, that the pre-release version here would be ready basically instantaneously, but in fact each proof cycle takes about two weeks, so I can’t guarantee that. I do plan on having it ready to order in the first quarter of 2020, though, and probably early in that—

I mean, look at it! It’s practically there!

Support my kickstarter. Let’s make a miracle or two.

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