Minor Glitch Spoilers, 6/3/2019

Over on rpg.net, today, I’ve admitted to the following, regarding Glitch:

  • that the protagonists’ curse is in fact using the same basic narrative ideas as the “Accursed” stuff in Chuubo’s (1, 2, 3)
    • … although the mechanics are likely to look more Nobilis-like
    • … and the cosmology is probably different from what you’d see in Chuubo’s, as well.
  • that I’m not really using the Nobilis concept of “full Excrucians” at a super-high power level and “Excrucian-shards” at a lower power level, although I made some continuity nods to keep old campaigns viable.


This will mean more to people who’ve been following my games; if you haven’t been, you can safely ignore both spoilers, since they, ultimately, just return readers closer to the state of innocence that newcomers to the setting occupy ^_^

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