Chibi-Ex #4

Coriander Hasp

that is not a proper tic-tac-toe board

So I was looking under my bed one night in China because I’d lost a bracelet and I found a gun. This was really freaky, but it was even freakier when I realized that there was an Excrucian at the other end of the gun. Also that the gun was on fire.

Apartments in China come with some really strange stuff.

There was also this standing-up Eeyore doll, a little model Roman coliseum, a closet-cover with pictures of flying pigs, and a fake little bamboo forest (about 6 inches wide by 3 feet long) with stuffed pandas attached thereto.

Anyway, that Excrucian turned out to be Coriander Hasp. He shows up for the first time in the comic today!